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March 19th 2007 - A Global Day of Action for Iraq and beyond


We are now approaching the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Over the past four years Iraq has been ravaged by the Anglo-American occupation forces and by the internal struggle which has accompanied their assault. Hundreds of thousands have been killed there, as well as in Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the “War on Terror”. This war has also seen governments everywhere increasingly attack our freedom, through arbitrary arrest, ID cards, house raids and internment without trial.


Opposition in this country has thus far failed to stem a tide of war and repression. A to B marches have signally failed to have real impact on the government’s will or ability to continue this war. It is time for a change in strategy, a change in tactics and a change in attitude. We must do more than march if we want to stop this war.


Monday, 19th March, the fourth anniversary of the start of the war on Iraq, will be a Global Day of Action against the “War on Terror”. Across the world people will express their anger by taking action against the continuing bloodshed in Iraq. In Britain we are working towards a large, diverse and effective manifestation of our opposition to the conflict.

email us: m19group@gmail.com


CAAT London Arms Trade Crawl

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